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Competence for more than 80 years

Shade management is more than just shade determination. At VITA, shade management means incorporating our ever better solutions into a complete process. The key question we have always asked ourselves is: How can we improve shade determination and reproduction? By establishing standardized process steps to increase the efficiency. Today, dental specialists are expected to achieve better results while spending less time and money. It is this goal that brings us together.

VITA shade taking

The accurate determination of the basic shade of a tooth is the key prerequisite for patient acceptance. The basic shade is generally found in the dentine center (central to gingival area).

The determination of the effects

Natural teeth are unique and a perfect creation of nature. Therefore, after determining the base shade, details of a tooth (translucent zones or anomalies, for example) need to be recorded to obtain a perfect match. We recommend the use of a digital photo to analyze details or effects.

VITA shade communication

To ensure perfect reproduction of the determined shade, it is essential to ensure that all parameters are communicated accurately to the dental laboratory. Any misunderstanding leads to expensive and unnecessary extra work. For this reason we recommend using the color communication form to describe the basic shade and a digital photo for the analysis of effects or details. The software of VITA Easyshade provides a template to have all data on a single sheet – a laboratory communication form. This information will enable you to create a restoration that matches the remaining teeth perfectly in a quick and reliable manner.

VITA shade reproduction

The most important step in reproducing a tooth is to ensure that the determined tooth shade is accurately reproduced. Then the shade effects of the tooth can be reproduced to obtain a high-quality restoration. You can be sure that whichever VITA materials you choose, you will be able to achieve this objective without time- consuming mixing or testing.

VITA shade control

In the final step, qualitative shade evaluation no longer needs to be left to the subjective opinion of an individual. Within the VITA process, objective control of the final restoration is the most important prerequisite for ensuring satisfied patients and avoiding additional work.

VITA VM 9 has been designed as a special ceramic featuring a fine structure for partially yttrium-stabilized ZrO2 substructures with a CTE of approx. 10.5 · 10 -6 · K-1, such as VITA In-Ceram YZ. The material is also perfectly suited for individualizing VITABLOCS (see Working Instructions, No. 1219E) and for individualizing VITA PM 9 restorations. Like all VITA VM materials, VITA VM 9 excels in its refraction and reflection behavior which can be compared to that of enamel. Accordingly, the BASE DENTINE and TRANSPA DENTINE porcelains which have been perfectly matched allow the fabrication of restorations with a highly natural appearance. The use of additional fluorescent and opalescent materials results in individual and esthetically appealing restorations.

A modified manufacturing process helped to create a new type of ceramic. Compared to conventional ceramics, the structure that is obtained after firing reveals particularly homogeneous distribution of the crystal and glass phase. This type of structure is described as a "fine structure".

Good surface structure

The fine structure provides a number of benefits for dental technicians, dentists and patients alike. Thanks to the homogeneous, sealed surface, VITA VM 9 offers excellent grinding and polishing properties in situ to ensure smooth and perfectly sealed surfaces.

Accumulation of plaque on the ceramic surface is reduced considerably; hence easy care and cleaning of the high- quality restoration are supported.

The VITA VM 9 BUILD UP layering includes the application of the three materials BASE DENTINE, TRANSPA DENTINE and ENAMEL.

The combination of color-bearing BASE DENTINE and translucent TRANSPA DENTINE in the VITA VM 9 BUILD UP layering creates an enhanced effect of depth in the restoration, which results in even more convincing reproduction of the natural example. The use of the three-layer method permits reduced and more individual application of the ENAMEL materials.

By combining ENAMEL and TRANSPA DENTINE according to the layer thickness of BASE DENTINE, the intensity of the shade can be individualized. An increased proportion of BASE DENTINE results in an intensified shade whereas larger quantities of TRANSPA DENTINE and ENAMEL will reduce the chroma of the shade.

The material

VITA PM 9 (Pressable Material) was developed from the proven fine-structure feldspar ceramic VITA VM 9 and is used for overpressing partially yttrium stabilized ZrO 2 substructures in the CTE range of approx. 10.5 · 10 -6 · K-1, such as VITA In-Ceram YZ and for the fabrication of single- or multi-surface inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and anterior crowns using the substructure-free staining or layering technique.

Due to their noticeably lower strength, restorations without zirconia support may only be cut back minimally to exclusively individualize them with VITA VM 9 ADD-ON materials later on. These substructure-free restorations require adhesive cementation.

The VITA PM 9 press pellets exhibit natural fluorescence. As a result, they fulfill the patients' wishes for individual esthetic restorations with a favorable priced range of press pellets in different colors.

Advantages :

    • All-in one press ceramic
    • Substructure-free pressing technique
    • Technique of overpressing zirconia
    • Staining technique
    • Layering technique or a combination of both
  • Excellent bonding to yttrium-stabilized ZrO 2 substructures
  • The fine-structure composition of VITA PM 9 provides
    • High material homogeneity
    • Excellent milling and polishing capacity in the laboratory and in situ
    • Homogeneous and sealed surfaces
    • Superior esthetic results
  • High-quality press ceramic investment material for precise press results
  • Time-saving since reaction layer of the investment material on the pressed and overpressed restorations is avoided

Physical properties

  • In addition to the favorable homogeneous surface, VITA VM 9 features high flexural strength and very low solubility in acid.

Flexural strength

  • Flexural strength of VITA VM 9 compared with that of the previous product and the ISO limit according to ISO 6872.

VITAVM®9 - Physical properties

Unit of measure


CTE (25-500oC)

10 -6 K-1


Softening point


approx. 670

Transformation temperature


approx. 600

Solubility in acid


approx. 10

Average particle size

μm (d50)

approx. 18

3-point flexural strength


approx. 100


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